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The Recipe Selfie app is designed to store all the recipes from your personal cookbooks library. Just snap some pictures of the recipes and they’ll be ready to use on your cooking adventures.


You can store all your recipes by categories of your choice. Create categories based on ingredients, cuisine, dishes, meals or any other creative way you like. Design the image icon to represent your category, so you can find it right away by scrolling down the category icons collection.

When you need to quickly search for a Recipe Category, just tap the Search button and enter the name of the category you want to find.

Tap on a category icon to access all of its recipes as a full list. The recipe list contains the main characteristics of each recipe, such as cover photo, name, and ratings based on yummy and spicy factors you previously set.

Creating new recipes is very easy!

Creating a new recipe with the Recipe Selfie app is incredibly easy and fun. There’s no need to type an entire recipe anymore. Just enter its name, set the ratings and snap all the pictures of the recipe. You can store up to 5 photos per recipe plus the cover photo. Once you save it, it’s in your device for as long as you want it.

There are different ways to add photos to your recipe. When you tap the photo icon, the app will show a popup menu with photo sources to choose from. You can use the camera to take pictures or use the photos stored in your device on the Photos app.

The Recipe Selfie app also contains a small collection of emojis you can use as a cover photo if desired. When using an emoji as a cover photo, you cannot edit the image’s cropping and filter properties.


Apple App Store Badge for Dobson Apps

Design mouth-watering images for your recipes

After getting a photo from either the camera or the Photos app, you can customise its looks. The photo can be cropped and have filters applied to it for a more vibrant look.

If the photo is to be used as a cover for the recipe category or a single recipe, then the photo can only be cropped in the shape of a square. You can drag the cropping rectangle area to select the part of the photo you want to use. Then tap on the Crop button to finish the task.

The photos belonging to the recipe itself can be cropped in a shape you wish. Simply drag the corners to resize the cropping area as needed.

There is a minimum crop size. When the crop button is disabled, it means you need to make the cropping area larger.

All photos must be cropped to enable the Save button.

Food images always need vibrant colors to make your mouth water and the Recipe Selfie app gives you the tools to make it happen. The photos for your recipes can have a colors filter applied to them. After cropping the image, the photo filters will be displayed. You then can choose a filter that makes the food look the most delicious, or the text sharper.

If your photo is perfect already, then you can choose to not apply any filters by pressing the Save button to keep the photo as is.

Use your Recipes to create delicious meals

After storing all your delicious recipes in the Recipe Selfie app, you’ll want to use them to cook some amazing meals. To view the recipe photos with the cooking steps, simply tap on the desired recipe.

Image #1 will be displayed on the recipe screen. To access the rest of the photos, tap on the Pages button to fan through all the images that belong to the recipe. Tap on the image you wish to bring to a full screen.

You can zoom in/out the image by pinching the screen and scroll around to see the hidden sides of the photo.

Special occasions deserve Special Dinner Menus

For those special celebrations where you want to show your master cooking skills, create special Dining Menus. Use any of your great recipes in the app to create a dining menu fit for a king.

You can name the dining menu and set its date so you can keep track of it. Tap on the dining menu to discover all the series of recipes belonging to it.

To add Recipes to your special Dining Menus, swipe left on a recipe and tap on the Dining Menu button. Tap on any of the existent menus where to add your recipe, or create a brand new dining menu for this recipe.

Every recipe can belong to more than one menu. If you love the recipe and want to eat that meal on each celebration, then simply add it to all of your dining menus.

Your Favorite Recipes will be just where you put them

When you have tens, hundreds, or even thousands of recipes in your app, finding your favorite one will be an Indiana Jones style task.

The Recipe Selfie mobile app makes this task extremely easy for you. Just tap on the Heart button to send your recipe straight to the Favorites folder, which you can find on the Main Menu. Never lose track of your yummy recipes again.

Sync your Recipes across multiple devices

You can keep all of your favorite recipes safe on your iCloud account. This allows you to sync your recipes to your other Apple mobile devices. Create a new recipe on one device, sync to iCloud and download it on your other devices.

To sync your device to iCloud, log in to your iCloud account and tap on the Sync To iCloud button on the categories navigation bar.


Can’t wait to try the Recipe Selfie app for yourself?

Give your many cookbooks a new home in your mobile device with the Recipe Selfie app. Download it today from the App Store!

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